The Situation:
A 32-year- old patient was prescribed Trikafta for management of his Cystic Fibrosis. EmpiRx Health’s Population Health Management engine identified that another medication he was prescribed for an infection could increase the blood concentration of Trikafta, leading to harmful side effects such as liver injury.

The Intervention:
Our Clinical Pharmacist assessed the patient’s condition to determine a safe and appropriate dosage and engaged the prescribing physician to recommend that the patient receive a reduced Trikafta dose. The prescriber agreed that this dose was clinically appropriate for the patient, and the adjustment was made. The patient’s condition was well-managed with the proper dosage, and potential side effects were avoided.

Results Matter:
By identifying the major drug-drug interaction and recommending a safer dosage, we were able to prevent potentially serious adverse reactions and eliminate wasteful spending, while ensuring the patient’s condition remains in good control.

  • Original Prescription: Trikafta tablets 3 tablets daily
  • Clinical Recommendation: Trikafta tablets 2 tablets twice weekly
  • Clinical Savings: $155,231 annual plan savings from this single clinical intervention