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EmpiRx Health’s Clinically-Driven Solutions Put You and Your Members First

Our industry-leading services and solutions enable plan sponsors to maximize drug cost savings while improving member health outcomes and quality of life. EmpiRx Health achieves these vital outcomes through a unique, clinically-driven approach to pharmacy care that leverages advanced population health analytics and AI-powered technologies. Equally important, EmpiRx Health puts its customers first with an obsessive commitment to personalized, holistic and highly responsive member care. We care, and it shows in our exceptional service to clients and their members.

There really is a difference in pharmacy benefits management companies


Unlike the traditional PBM model that maximizes drug rebates at the expense of customers, EmpiRx Health prioritizes value over volume to provide members with the best pharmacy care while substantially reducing drug costs

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EmpiRx Health puts the pharmacist at the center of the pharmacy care service model. This ensures the most clinically appropriate, cost-efficient medication therapies to optimize member care and reduce costs.

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Our clinical teams leverage Al-powered technologies and exclusive population health analytics to make evidence-based medication therapy recommendations. It’s all about improving member health and well-being and lowering overall drug spending.

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EmpiRx Health always puts the needs and interests of its customers and members first. Our mission is to provide the highest quality care and deliver the strongest financial results for customers and patients.

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A Growing Imperative to Effectively Manage Drug Costs

During the past 25 years, after adjusting for inflation, the per capita spending on prescription drugs has more than tripled – from $361 to $1,147. Prescription drug spending has far outpaced other healthcare costs.

When you factor in the proliferation of high-cost specialty drugs, it becomes even clearer that we are facing a Perfect Storm of rising drug costs. Typically, 1-2% of a patient population is driving around half of total prescription spend. The majority of those patients are using specialty medications, which cost on average $4,500 a month.

These prescription drug trends, especially the growing usage and cost of specialty medications, are putting enormous pressure on benefits plans and their members. Which makes it even more imperative that plan sponsors effectively manage rising drug costs so they can focus on what really matters: keeping their members healthy, happy, and productive.

Discover How We Put You And Your Members First.

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