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At EmpiRx Health,
We Always Put You First

As the pioneer in value-based pharmacy care, EmpiRx Health always puts the needs of its customers and their members first to optimize care while reducing costs. From day one our mission has been to fundamentally transform the broken pharmacy benefits care model, which prioritizes volume-driven profits. Our customer-first, clinically-driven model emphasizes true healthcare value for customers and their members.

A Growing Imperative to
Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

The rising cost of prescription drugs is a primary driver of overall healthcare spending in the US. This continuing trend is fueled by several factors, including the proliferation of high-cost specialty medications, a lack of price transparency, and the misalignment of incentives in the pharmaceutical supply chain. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services project that pharmaceutical spending is rising at an average annual rate of about 6 percent, faster than other areas of healthcare.

EmpiRx Health is transforming pharmacy care by putting the pharmacist at the center of a clinically-driven, customer-first care model. We use AI-powered population health analytics to coordinate the best patient care, driving the best customer results – and that means substantially lowering drug spending.

This is what EmpiRx Health’s
customer-first service looks like

  • Simplified, clear contracting process
  • Flawless Implementation, guaranteed
  • Graceful transition of member care
  • Tech enabled. Human Delivered
Ongoing Service
  • 24/7 Client & member availability
  • Clinical concierge for members in need
  • Tailored & consistent touchpoints, sharing real-time data & report
  • Best-in-class Tech Toolkit

We Make it Easy for You
and Your Members

As a benefits administrator, the healthcare decisions you make have a real impact on the quality of life of your colleagues. It’s a significant responsibility—and we’re here to help. Doing business with EmpiRx Health is easy. We earn your trust on day-one through simplified contracting and flawless implementation. We continue to work for that trust every single day by delivering a seamless experience and 24/7 availability.

We partner with you to make it easy (and fast) to implement the highest quality pharmacy care. Our aim is to enable you to keep your members healthy, happy and productive. That means no disruptions and no surprises. Our promise to you is the industry’s highest quality service, which you deserve and expect. Service as it should be – engaged, empathetic, smart, and highly-responsive.

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Discover How We Put You And Your Members First.

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