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We Put You First by Obsessively Focusing on
Customer Service

From day one, EmpiRx Health sets a very high bar for the highest quality client service. If you ask them (and please do!), our clients will tell you EmpiRx Health’s service is second to none.

We obsess over every aspect of delivering exceptional, personalized service and elevating the client experience. Your team and members will feel more confident than ever before because our customer-first pharmacy care approach is engineered to deliver the best care and results.

Member Care Advocacy:
A Higher Level of Care

EmpiRx Health’s exclusive Member Care Advocacy program was built to personalize service for patients with healthcare complexities. It is a unique concierge service model that provides compassionate, consistent, and proactive outreach to members who need it the most. Unlike traditional healthcare navigators, we call members before they call us and coordinate pharmacy care on their behalf.

By providing a single point of contact familiar with members’ needs, we remove patients from the middle of care navigation, ensuring seamless pharmacy care from behind the scenes. You won’t believe the difference high-touch patient care makes—it’s a bridge that closes care gaps and transforms the health and wellbeing and quality of life of your members. It also gives you significant peace of mind.

The results? Improved quality of life, better medication adherence, and improved health outcomes.

Complex Care Management + Member Care Advocacy

Identifying Members

Our Complex Care Management (CCM) model uses AI to identify members with the greatest need:

  • High Risk
  • Comorbididties
  • Multi-drug utilization
  • Depression
  • Opioid & controlled substance abuse
  • Service Complexity
Care Model in Action
  • Welcome call from Member Care Advocate from dedicated, direct line
  • Advocate serves as care coordinator across pharmacy and physician
  • Regular and proactive check-ins with patient
  • Member chooses between phone or text engagement
Results Matter
  • Gaps-in-care reduction
  • Improved quality of life
  • Frictionless service experience
  • Dashboard delivers lean data insights on care needs & outcomes

Discover How We Put You And Your Members First.

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