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The Clinically™
Pharmacy Care Platform

Clinically™ is the industry’s first clinically-driven pharmacy care technology platform. The AI-powered Clinically platform expands and enhances EmpiRx Health’s clinically-driven pharmacy care solutions that ensure the health and wellbeing of members/patients while enabling plan sponsors to substantially reduce their prescription drug costs. Clinically enables EmpiRx Health to drive even more pricing transparency and clarity, flexibility, and product innovation.

The Clinically platform integrates the following best-in-class technologies and solutions that support pharmacy claims adjudication, clinical reviews, and EmpiRx Health’s proprietary population health engine:

Claims Adjudication Platform

EmpiRx Health integrated a proven, cloud-based adjudication platform into Clinically. Enabling real-time pharmacy claims adjudication, this platform also features network and plan management support, and customized workflows for pharmacists.

End-to-End Clinical Review
Process Software

Also integrated into the Clinically platform, this cutting-edge software allows EmpiRx Health’s pharmacists to conduct clinical reviews, driving clinically-appropriate drug therapy decisions, which optimize both patient health outcomes and reduce drug costs.

Population Health Engine

Based on Johns Hopkins ACG model and built using cloud-based, AI-powered software, this engine provides risk stratification and predictive modeling. This enables EmpiRx Health pharmacists to make the best clinical decisions, especially for patients who require a higher level of complex care.

Clinically exemplifies how EmpiRx Health is an essential ‘ally’ in helping plan sponsors to holistically care for their members, to optimize healthcare outcomes, and strengthen benefits plan results.

Powering a Better Pharmacy Care Model

The new Clinically platform powers EmpiRx Health’s unique clinically-driven pharmacy care model. This revolutionary PBM model is founded on a clinically-appropriate approach to managing rising drug costs and ensuring the health and wellbeing of members/patients. Pharmacists are at the center of the care model, holistically evaluating patients’ healthcare needs based on their own unique needs and risk factors. AI-powered population health analytics, provided through the Clinically platform, are used to coordinate the best patient care, producing better plan performance and customer results, and optimizing member health outcomes.

Unlike other PBMs, our pharmacy care approach does not rely on a restrictive formulary or reduced medication access to maximize rebates and drive inappropriate utilization of high-cost therapies. This PBM model relies on our pharmacists collaborating with physicians and practitioners to produce the most optimal drug mix that improves members’ health while reducing costs.

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