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Driven to Help You and Your Clients
Succeed and Thrive

A key part of EmpiRx Health’s mission is to enable you – our valued consultant/advisor partners – to help your clients to succeed and thrive throughout their healthcare benefits journey.

To achieve these critical goals, we provide the highest quality, clinically-driven pharmacy care that enables plan sponsors to substantially reduce drug spending while ensuring that their members remain healthy, happy, and productive. EmpiRx Health is a different kind of PBM company. Here’s what makes us different, and why we believe that matters to you and your clients.

There really is a difference in pharmacy benefits management companies


Unlike the traditional PBM model that maximizes drug rebates at the expense of customers, EmpiRx Health prioritizes value over volume to provide members with the best pharmacy care while substantially reducing drug costs

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EmpiRx Health puts the pharmacist at the center of the pharmacy care service model. This ensures the most clinically appropriate, cost-efficient medication therapies to optimize member care and reduce costs.

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Our clinical teams leverage Al-powered technologies and exclusive population health analytics to make evidence-based medication therapy recommendations. It’s all about improving member health and well-being and lowering overall drug spending.

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EmpiRx Health always puts the needs and interests of its customers and members first. Our mission is to provide the highest quality care and deliver the strongest financial results for customers and patients.

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What Your Clients Can Expect with EmpiRx Health As Their Pharmacy Care Partner

The EmpiRx Health Four-Point
PBM Revolution Plan

EmpiRx Health pioneered the value-based pharmacy benefits model by putting customers first with a clinically driven care approach that measurably improves patient health outcomes while reducing costs. However, much more still needs to be done in transforming the current, deeply flawed PBM operating system.

In announcing the new Four-Point PBM Revolution Plan, Danny Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer of EmpiRx Health, commented: “We invite the entire PBM industry to join with us in helping to lead this transformation. Plan sponsors and their members/patients need bold action to radically change the current, deeply flawed pharmacy benefits system. That’s why we’re launching our Four-Point Plan and encouraging our industry colleagues to embrace this customer-first operating model.”

Sanchez added: “As the famed French poet Victor Hugo said: ‘Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’ The time has come for the largest PBMs to join EmpiRx Health in revolutionizing our industry by focusing on what matters most: client value and patient health outcomes.”

The EmpiRx Health Four-Point PBM Revolution Plan is built on these 4 key operating principles:

1. Embrace a ‘Value Versus Volume’ Business Model

Traditionally, PBM companies have acted more like financial or retail firms, focused on arbitrage and volume-driven trading transactions to fuel profits. This legacy model is antithetical to the goal of enabling customers to keep their members healthy, happy, and productive, while significantly reducing drug costs.

2. Put Customers and Members First

PBM companies have long been criticized for opaque and highly complex business models that are designed to maximize their profits, not prioritize the needs of customers and their members/employees. By putting the needs of customers first with value-based, clinically driven pharmacy care, everyone wins.

3. Drive Better Health Outcomes with Clinically-Driven Care

Pharmacy care is healthcare. The PBM industry must recognize that fact and prioritize its strategies and operating models around clinically driven pharmacy care. At EmpiRx Health, this means analyzing the populations we serve, identifying those at risk, and engaging with prescribers to provide patients with clinically appropriate, cost-effective therapies that maximize health outcomes and reduce costs.

4. Turn Pharmacy Benefits into a Strategic Asset

Pharmacy and healthcare benefits have traditionally been viewed as complicated cost centers that need to be effectively managed, or even cut, to ensure the financial health of an organization. Here again, EmpiRx Health is revolutionizing the industry by helping clients turn pharmacy benefits into a strategic asset that drives better business and organizational results.

According to a recent study by SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management: 56 percent of employees said that whether they like their health coverage is a key factor in staying at their current job. In addition, 46 percent said health insurance was either the deciding factor or key influence in choosing their current job.

Better Health Outcomes & Reduced Plan Costs

Clinically-Driven & Cost-Efficient Medication Therapies
Patient: 76-year-old male
Diagnosis: Hepatitis C
Population Health Management Engine Identified: Review for a high-risk condition

  • New Therapy: Abiraterone 250mg tablets, 4 tablets by mouth daily
  • $64,095 Annual Play Savings achieved.
Patient: 45-year-old female
Diagnosis: Crohn’s Disease
Population Health Management Engine Identified: Non-FDA approved dosing of high-cost specialty drug

  • New Therapy: Stelara 90mg/ml, inject subcutaneously every 8 weeks
  • $24,590 Annual Plan Savings achieved

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