MedCity Moves, a monthly podcast produced by MedCity News, provides a summary of notable executive appointments across healthcare. EmpiRx Health CEO Danny Sanchez sat down with host Katie Adams to discuss how his background in healthcare technology prepared him for the role, and to share his vision for the future of EmpiRx Health and of PBMs more broadly.

To the latter point, Sanchez is optimistic. “It’s an interesting time for (PBMs). There’s more and more scrutiny, which I think is a good thing. It helps us evolve and get better – and we’re in healthcare, so when we get better, hopefully, it means delivering better healthcare to society. PBM reform is very important.”

On EmpiRx Health’s approach to pharmacy care, Sanchez continues: “We’re a value-based PBM. We’re not chasing volume, like most other PBMs. We are really trying to make sure patients are taking the right medications, to help drive costs down, which helps people stay on their medications, and help employers afford health care. And so, though our model is not perfect – I don’t think anybody can claim to have the perfect model – I think we’re a little closer to what a PBM should look like. So, where others may shy away from reform, I want to step into it and be part of the conversation. And how can we better adapt, work together with regulators, with the government to figure out what is the right model, and I think we’re on our way there.”

Listen to the full interview here.