EmpiRx Health believes that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are crucial to developing a resilient healthcare services company whose workforce diversity resembles the clients and patients we serve. We are committed to integrating ESG into every aspect of our operating discipline, and this commitment is codified in our ESG Policy Statement.

While EmpiRx Health’s prioritization of ESG principles is notable for a healthcare services organization of our size and vintage, it places us in good company; more than 90% of S&P 500 companies now publish ESG reports in some form, a movement that has been accelerated by the increased financial might of the millennial and Gen Z generations. These groups are prioritizing concerns about diversity, equity, and the environment, influencing where they work, which brands get their money, and even their investment strategies. Today, millennials and Generation Z account for nearly half of the U.S. workforce, with spending power estimated at $2.5 trillion.

Unfortunately, today’s polarized environment has led to the politicization of ESG principles and, in some instances, investor and political pushback against ESG goals. While this has led to some organizations questioning their stance on ESG, we stand firm in our belief that principles like workforce diversity and social responsibility aren’t just morally good—they’re good for business.

EmpiRx Health CEO Karthik Ganesh shared this perspective with Fortune, in an article titled How boards are responding to investor and political pushback on ESG goals“ESG just makes good business sense. Prioritizing health equity and a diverse workforce have been core to EmpiRx Health’s business model, helping us retain nearly all customers we pull in because the company looks, thinks, and talks like our clients and patients. They understand that empathy is innate in the way we operate and build ourselves.”

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