In their ongoing mission to organize and recruit new members, a major bargaining chip labor unions have on their side is the incredible health and wellness benefits members receive. This is particularly resonant for younger workers; Gen Z is focused on improving their health and wellbeing in the workplace, which requires benefits and protections that unions are uniquely positioned to deliver.

Few understand the importance of healthcare benefits among union membership better than Glenn Di Biasi. In his role as fund Administrator for the United Food and Commercial Workers Health and Welfare Fund, Di Biasi is responsible for addressing the complex healthcare needs of the Fund’s 20,000-worker membership, spanning grocery, retail, distilling, and the cannabis industries, among others. Under his leadership, the Fund is continually innovating and identifying new ways to save money while ensuring their members get the highest quality care possible.

Di Biasi joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast, the only daily podcast dedicated to unions and their members, to discuss how modernized healthcare and wellness benefits are key to attracting and retaining union members.

Says Di Biasi, “Where we’ve been getting good feedback from our membership is from building out advocacy (services)… how do you see that everyone gets an advocate looking out for their holistic healthcare?”

To meet the UFCW Health and Welfare Fund’s elevated demand for advocacy and access, EmpiRx Health partnered with leadership to create a high-touch care model for members with complex healthcare needs. A dedicated Member Care Advocate (MCA) is now embedded within the Fund’s benefits team, providing members with the greatest care needs the expertise of a certified clinician who serves as a clinical and benefits concierge on their behalf.

“EmpiRx Health’s high-touch care model is the right approach to member access and cost-containment. They have raised the bar on what our Fund expects from all our healthcare service providers.”

Listen to the full interview here.