Few individuals grasp the impact of AI on healthcare quite like Glenn Di Biasi, the fund administrator for the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Health and Welfare Fund. Due to his impressive qualifications including a PhD in Computer Science and multiple certifications from MIT, Glenn brought valuable insights to his second interview with America’s Work Force Union Podcast.

AI has undeniably made significant strides across industries, ranging from accounting to HR recruitment. However, integrating AI into complex sectors, like healthcare, presents unique challenges. On the podcast, Glenn emphasized the importance of selecting healthcare partners who leverage AI to augment human jobs, not replace them.

EmpiRx Health actively leverages AI in the development of its high-touch care model for members with complex healthcare needs. UFCW Health and Welfare fund benefits from enhanced abilities of Member Care Advocates and pharmacists to provide personalized and effective care, optimizing the overall customer experience and improving patient outcomes.

When asked about EmpiRx Health and its healthcare AI capabilities, Glenn simply states, “It’s all about partnering with the right people.”

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