EmpiRx Health is pleased to announce the addition of healthcare industry veteran Danny Sanchez to its leadership team as President. In his role, Sanchez is responsible for furthering EmpiRx Health’s position as a driver of transformative change in pharmacy benefits and healthcare services.

“EmpiRx Health stands alone as the industry’s only value-based PBM. Our model shatters the misconception that cost savings must come at the expense of quality care,” said EmpiRx Health CEO Karthik Ganesh. “We’ve proven that it’s possible to put patients first on the path to phenomenal business success. In less than 9 years, we’ve saved our clients more than $1 billion—unequivocal proof that an approach that prioritizes both financial and health outcomes is the gold standard of pharmacy care.”

EmpiRx Health is a category creator, redefining the traditionally volume-oriented healthcare benefits model through its value-based approach. By embracing a practical Population Health Management model that places pharmacists at the center of patient care teams, EmpiRx Health optimizes both patient health and financial outcomes. On average, new clients see a 15% reduction in per member per month costs (PMPM) and sustained savings year-over-year.

Ganesh added, “As we continue to grow, we remain obsessively committed to our core values. As a healthcare organization, it’s imperative that we cultivate diversity within our organization because it better equips us to personalize care and service. Danny is an exceptional leader whose career-spanning commitment to improving health outcomes aligns perfectly with our business model and culture, and his background reflects our organizational values. We’re thrilled about his addition to our leadership team.”

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