EmpiRx Health recently hosted a webinar titled “Putting the Pharmacist Back in Pharmacy Benefits Management.” The webinar was moderated by Christie Murray, the Director of Clinical Risk and Services for EmpiRx Health, and featured special guest panelist, Bob Sankey, the Healthcare Plan Benefits Coordinator at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Altoona – Johnstown, PA.

The insightful session explored how putting pharmacists at the center of a clinically-driven, customer-first PBM model helps to improve member/patient health outcomes while reducing annual drug spending for plan sponsors.

Key takeaways of EmpiRx Health’s exclusive webinar included:

  • Rising Drug Costs are Seriously Challenging Plan Sponsors and Their Members – Rising prescription drug costs pose a significant challenge to plan sponsors, with the average annual cost for a new drug reaching $222k in 2022 (up from $180k in 2021). Additionally, specialty drug costs per member per month (PMPM) have doubled from $615 in 2016 to $1,295 in 2021.
  • The Traditional PBM Model is Misaligned with Client Needs – PBM models that prioritize drug volumes over healthcare value and outcomes are totally misaligned with the interests and needs of plan sponsors. These traditional PBM models maximize drug rebates at the expense of plan sponsors and their members.
  • Clinically-Driven Pharmacy Care Represents a Better PBM Model – Implementing a clinically-driven approach that places the pharmacist at the center of the service model significantly improves pharmacy benefits programs. This unique PBM model optimizing member health and wellbeing, while substantially reducing annual drug spending.
  • Clinically-Driven Pharmacy Care Delivers Real-World Results: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Altoona – Johnstown, PA achieved significant success with EmpiRx Health’s clinically-driven PBM model. EmpiRx Health’s stronger pharmacist-member engagement, clinically appropriate and cost-effective drug therapy recommendations, and advanced population health technologies contributed to the Diocese’s significantly improved outcomes.

Leveraging the expertise of pharmacists in pharmacy benefits care clearly presents a superior PBM solution. In fact, as the pioneer in value-based pharmacy care, EmpiRx Health is the leading clinically-driven PBM company. Our expert clinical pharmacists are at the center of the company’s operating model.

To watch the full webinar click here. To learn more about how EmpiRx Health can significantly improve your Pharmacy Benefits Management program, call or email us at 201-746-9833info@empirxhealth.com.