An Experience
Like No Other.

With a high-performance engine, powering the PBM industry’s most innovative company, you might be wondering how we take care of you. We know you deserve deep clinical and financial value wrapped in a luxurious, white-glove service experience. EmpiRx Health – your service destination.

Disruptive, complicated, stressful? 
Not here. Not us.

When it comes to helping our clients, we are driven by the need to be elite. We’re relentless about delivering a premier service experience, which is why only great will do, 24/7/365. No disruption, no stress, just pure comfort.

That’s how we achieve…

But don’t take our word for it.

Your implementation was one of the smoothest I have experienced in my over 25 years in the business!


From our seamless onboarding experience through daily personalized support, this is a different sort of PBM experience.

We guarantee it.
Our customers rely on it.
And members feel it.

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