Value Xchange: Two Hours To Help You Better Meet The Moment

We’re bringing together a cadre of industry visionaries on April 20 for Value Xchange, our two-hour inaugural thought-leadership virtual event. Find out more about it in this Q&A with our CEO Karthik Ganesh.

EmpiRx Health is no stranger to leadership and value. As the industry’s only value-based pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), we’re passionate about helping employers and plan sponsors reimagine healthcare in the context of value. We honor that tradition by bringing together a cadre of industry visionaries on April 20 for Value Xchange, our two-hour inaugural thought-leadership virtual event.

Value Xchange convenes a panel of forward-thinking luminaries to discuss the broad changes employers face today, and to explore what value means in the employer/employee relationship. Recently, we sat down with EmpiRx Health CEO Karthik Ganesh to learn more about Value Xchange.

Question: Why this event – and why now?

Karthik: Data tell us that 65% of individuals are re-evaluating how they spend their time, and 58% are re-evaluating life goals as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Combined with the public demand for organizations to act on societal issues, the last year has forced employers to rethink what is valuable to them—and to their employees. Progressive employers are asking how they can ensure that their teams feel valued.

Question: Why is the event centered around value?

Karthik: Every day I talk to business leaders across the country about the challenges they face delivering value to their workforce. Typically, it’s through the lens of rising healthcare benefits costs and how EmpiRx Health uniquely injects value back into pharmacy benefits. It’s clear, however, that benefits are only one piece of the paradigm shift in the employer/employee relationship. Employers must also learn how to recreate value by building a corporate culture where essential, meaningful work is the norm. Simplicity is quickly becoming the competitive advantage of our time.

Question: Who should attend Value Xchange?

Karthik: Anyone who’s ready to seize the tremendous opportunity we now have to transform corporate culture and deepen value in employer/employee relationships. This conversation applies to every industry and affects every stakeholder. At bare minimum, I believe plan sponsors, mid- to large employers, benefits advisors, benefits decision-makers, and HR leaders and managers will benefit from the event.

Question: What can attendees expect?

Karthik: Inspiration, energizing conversation, new ideas. Our goal is for everyone in attendance to leave feeling empowered to redefine, recreate, reclaim and reimagine value for their organizations.

Question: Who are the speakers?

Karthik: I’m delighted to have global innovation expert Lisa Bodell and world-class brand-builder Omar Johnson lead our discussion. Lisa is founder and CEO of the award-winning accelerated learning company FutureThink, and a best-selling author and educator. She will talk about why killing complexity matters to competitive advantage. Omar is the former CMO of Beats by Dre and former marketing VP for Apple. With accolades such as Adweek’s “Brand Genius” and Business Insider’s “Most Innovative CMOs” to his name, Omar will illuminate the idea of reclaiming value for your team by weaponizing diversity, embracing ignorance and listening offensively to create a safe, equitable and inclusive workplace that yields different, authentic points of view.

Question: What will be discussed during the roundtable?

Karthik: Our roundtable experts will focus on reimagining value in healthcare by exploring the evolution of employers’ and employees’ needs. They’ll also evaluate how to overcome current challenges via hyper-personalized care.

Question: How is this event different?

Karthik: How often are you empowered to pursue leading-edge ideas after hearing extremely relevant insights from business heavyweights—and for free? Value-orientation is as much about emotion as more tangible deliverables. So, employers, benefits advisors and employees need a trigger to stimulate the redefinition of value. This event is meant to stimulate that thinking around employer/employee value.

Question: Why is Value Xchange valuable to attendees?

Karthik: This event delivers incredible ROI. What would you pay to converse with leading business minds about innovative strategies for strengthening your corporate culture? We ask only two hours of your time. That’s how deeply we believe in the transformative power of seeking value. Together, we’ll redefine, recreate and reclaim value. Those who attend Value Xchange will be inspired to reimagine the employer-employee relationship and improve outcomes for everyone. Join us for 120 minutes, and you’ll walk away with solutions that help your business not merely withstand the challenges of our time, but thrive amidst them.

Value Xchange is a free, virtual event designed to empower business leaders to reimagine value for employers and employees everywhere. Reserve your ticket today!


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