The Importance Of A Value-Based Approach To Pharmacy Benefits

EmpiRx Health CEO Karthik Ganesh joins the Raise the Line podcast to discuss value-based care, and to challenge employers to demand more from their healthcare benefits partners.

“We’re the richest country on the planet, healthcare access has to be core to who we are,” EmpiRx Health CEO Karthik Ganesh tells the Raise the Line Podcast.

Ganesh and his team believe that radical changes are needed in the country’s healthcare system and they’re working to create a better experience for patients, providers, businesses, and insurance companies alike. In his conversation with host Michael Carrese, Ganesh talks about why employers need to learn more about value-based care, and how healthcare needs to become a less transactional relationship with the provider. He also touches on some of the key factors that make EmpiRx different from traditional PBMs. “We are as equally focused on health outcomes as we are financial outcomes.”

Listen to the full interview here.


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