Bend the Cost Curve.

Pharmacy benefit managers shouldn’t profit unless you save. So – uniquely – we don’t. If we don’t hit our pharmacy savings guarantees to you, we pay the difference dollar-for-dollar.

Saving $500 on rebates isn’t as good as not spending $1,500.

So why base a PBM’s performance on volume-based discounts and rebates? At EmpiRx Health, we measure performance based on value, not volume. And to us, value is a combination of financial, clinical and service performance. We’re the only PBM with a pay-for-performance and clinical-first model, which means we’re as committed to deep and sustainable savings as we are to the health and wellness of our membership.

We use population risk profiling and predictive modeling to provide a fully-auditable clinical savings guarantee for every client, based on their own population’s drug spend, utilization and risk factors. And if we don’t deliver on that guarantee, we cover the difference, dollar-for-dollar.


$ 0 M

in clinical savings over the past 3 years

While achieving

0 %

medication Adherence Rate

Our employees have not had a pharmacy-related health cost increase in the last three years.

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