Innovative, Personalized Solution to Address Population-Specific Healthcare Needs–EmpiRx Health & Canal Barge Company Partnership Story

EmpiRx Health partnered with Canal Barge Company on the creation of an innovative glucose monitoring system, allowing our Clinical Pharmacists to assess and identify risk and work with the member and their healthcare provider to deliver the right intervention.

EmpiRx Health’s core responsibility to our clients and members is better health. We understand that a healthier workforce means healthier communities, greater productivity, lower rates of absenteeism, and lower healthcare costs. Every membership has unique healthcare needs, which is why every client receives a tailored Population Health Management care strategy. When our client Canal Barge Company, a Louisiana-based marine transportation company, contacted us with an employee-centric health concern, we took action.

Health and wellness of the maritime community impact many areas, including vessel and crew safety, worker productivity, and more broadly, a transportation system that supports the nation’s economy and prosperity. To ensure mariners’ safety and well-being while onboard, partnership with healthcare services providers is critical. Canal Barge consulted us for a healthcare strategy that would monitor the glucose levels of their mariner workforce due to the health, occupational, and environmental safety risks posed by levels that are too high or low.

EmpiRx Health’s obsession with client service drives real-time innovation that improves patient health. We collaborated with Canal Barge on a glucose monitoring solution that would ensure mariners’ health status aligns with specified health metrics. Participants are identified by Canal Barge and once enrolled, their glucose levels are recorded and uploaded by a continuous monitoring device or manually logged to a portal shared with our Clinical Pharmacist. Our care management approach is staying two steps ahead by proactively assessing and identifying a health risk of a member as shown by the recorded glucose information in the portal. Patients approaching higher-than-normal glucose levels are contacted, as are their doctors, by our Clinical Pharmacist for appropriate follow-up care. Reporting is shared monthly with Canal Barge.

Population health management done right improves people’s lives and the communities in which they live and work―and in this case, extends broadly across the nation. Our dedication to “no one size fits all” care management enabled us to build a tailored solution from the ground up at no additional cost. As a provider of healthcare services that is also a true partner, EmpiRx Health ensures our clients receive the value-based care they deserve in the most financially-aligned manner.


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