A client-tailored, Rx-driven population health solution that didn’t exist in the PBM space… until now. At EmpiRx Health, we use the power of our pharmacists, one-of-a-kind technology, AI and analytics to improve health outcomes and realize deep financial savings for our clients. We’re shining a light on what clinical innovation should look like.

Why choose between doing the right thing and saving money when you can do both?

At EmpiRx Health, we know real pharmacy benefit value comes from a clinical-first approach – not rebates or discounts, that depend on volume. Our industry-leading, tech-enabled, population health solution ensures we tailor clinical strategies based on the unique risk profile of each client’s population. This is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

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Our pharmacists are an extension of the patient’s care team, partnering with physicians to drive clinically appropriate solutions.

The Industry’s Only Rx-driven Population Health Solution

Our risk stratification and predictive model provides visibility and finds opportunities to help the members who most need it, not just those who check certain condition-centric boxes.

  • Condition-oriented care management continues to change the status quo in the healthcare benefits space. This approach hasn’t bent the cost curve.
  • EmpiRx Health pharmacists consult directly with physicians in driving towards the most clinically- and cost-effective therapies.
  • Since all therapeutic switches are performed based on clinical appropriateness and via conversations with the physician, the overall model thrives on doing the right thing by optimizing utilization versus maximizing rebates.

When you choose the right medicine, for the right patient, then it becomes excellent care, and you’re also decreasing the cost of healthcare. That’s what makes EmpiRx Health different.

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