Client Success Case Studies

Right Drug for the Right Patient

Health and well-being can be adversely affected when prescribing is not precise, and recurring treatments for some conditions can create duress. In this case, a 9-year-old boy with Crohn’s disease was undergoing weekly Humira injections while covered under the previous PBM. You’ll see how our Clinical Pharmacist worked with the prescriber and the patient’s parents to ensure the boy received safer and more clinically appropriate patient care.

Case Study Showcases EmpiRx Health Partnership – Seamless Transition of Care to Greater Outcomes

Making an infusion therapy switch from medical to pharmacy benefit can be a complex process for a patient that is undergoing treatment; however, our Care Management team is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for the patient. In this study, you’ll see how we helped drive a total cost of care strategy that minimized costs, resulting in deep savings for our client.

Case Study Underscores Clinically Appropriate Patient Care Within Labor-Specific Populations

60% of our membership is Labor. We recognize Labor has a higher clinical risk and needs greater service-related handholding, and we align our services and care approach accordingly. In this success story, you’ll see our Population Health Management solution in action – ultimately leading to improved patient conditions and $1.9M in clinical savings for the client.

Case Study Emphasizes the Need for Whole-Patient Healthcare Approach

EmpiRx Health’s Population Health Management solution stratifies patients by clinical risk, providing visibility into other health conditions and critical underlying social, behavioral, and physical comorbidities to help our pharmacists influence precise prescribing strategies with physicians. In this study, we highlight an exceptional achievement of over $400,000 in clinical savings, while preventing serious adverse reactions for the patient!

Case Study Highlighting a Clinically Appropriate Alternative to Optimize Waste

Real value is achieved by focusing on whole-person health and clinical appropriateness. In this study, one patient case led to more than $48,000 in clinical savings while managing the patient’s quality of life on the new medication recommendation! You’ll see how our population health model drove over $4MM in savings and personalized patient care since client implementation.

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