Bending the Pharmacy Cost Curve with Population Health Management

Runaway drug costs demand a new approach to managing the health of an employee population. That approach already exists.

“A perfect trifecta of big, big, and big has put an out-of-control bend in the healthcare cost curve.

This bend is affected by drug costs driven by big pharma, it’s manufacturer-driven, has rebate-based incentives propagated by big pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and big healthcare companies merging to create even bigger companies that create a “watch my other hand” distraction. This continues to take focus away from the proactive pursuit of appropriate pharmacy spend.

The problem is, the bigger these companies, their treasure chests and their shareholder requirements get, the less the incentive for them to embrace approaches that will truly disrupt the cost curve and create greater prescription affordability.

We need broad and disruptive thinking, not point solutions that haven’t worked for years.”

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