A PBM that Delivers Deep and Sustainable Savings

Get the inside scoop from our CEO, Karthik Ganesh, on how a value-based PBM delivers better health and financial results on Outcomes Rocket.

In this episode, we have the privilege to feature the outstanding Karthik Ganesh, CEO at EmpiRx Health, the industry’s only value-based PBM with a clinically-focused and tech-enabled approach to bending the cost curve. Karthik discusses how his company offers evidence-based clinical care while also bending the RX cost. He shares EmpiRx Health’s successes, their 15% savings in pharmacy, the 98% retention rate, and the incredible service. If you’re looking for cost, access, and a great service experience, EmpiRx Health could be what’s you’re looking for. Learn more about the fastest-growing PBM company in this interview with Karthik. Please tune in!

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