We Are EmpiRx Health

EmpiRx Health is like no other Pharmacy Benefit Management company. In fact, EmpiRx Health is a Pharmacy Care Management company. We were designed by industry thought leaders who identified that sky-rocketing drug costs, poor customer service and dismal plan performance resulted in less than ideal outcomes for clients and members.

We believe the market is ready for a REAL change in how pharmacy benefits are managed. We developed our signature Pharmacy Care Management (PCM) model to effectively eliminate gaps in service and provide the clinical solutions necessary to sustain benefit dollars for the future.

Our Mission

Create client value in the Pharmacy Care Management arena by delivering pre-emptive action ahead of the market by employing an empirical approach to managing pharmacy benefits, with an emphasis on driving the lowest net cost, improved clinical results and concierge service all the time.

Our Vision

EmpiRx Health is committed to lowering drug costs by simplifying Pharmacy Benefits Management and taking an empirical approach to managing quality, clinical care and service.

The name EmpiRx Health (\im-ˈpir-……) is derived from the word Empirical.

Empirical: adj: em·pir·i·cal \im-ˈpir-i-kəl\

based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic. Synonym: evidence-based

Our commitment to deliver the most flexible, tailored and effective solutions to our clients, members and providers results in one of the industry’s most visionary clinical care models. The EmpiRx model takes Concierge Service to the next level in every facet of our business. Whether we’re on the phone with your members, their providers, or strategizing with you directly, we provide the personalized care, courtesy, and the respect that your organization deserves.

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