EmpiRx Health’s Clinical Care Management Program Reduces Plan Costs

EmpiRx Health’s revolutionary approach to clinical care management is directly tied to value and improved outcomes. After a transition period from their previous vendor, our clinical care management programs were implemented in the second half of the year and yielded significant savings to members and to our client. With personalized, proactive outreach to members and physicians from our care advocates, disruption was minimized and member and client satisfaction improved dramatically.

  • Average monthly member cost decreased by 13.8% in the 2nd half of the year lowering overall out-of-pocket costs
  • Six month plan savings were $675,000, equivalent to 4.8% of total plan costs
  • A full year of EmpiRx Health Clinical Management programs will yield estimated savings of $1.3 million or 9.7% of total plan costs
  • Generic dispensing rate (GDR) increased from 85.6% to 89.4% from January to December

>> Download the full case study

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